Zipper pouch obsession

I am going to start backwards…I just finished this zipper pouch today.  It is my own creation and I am excited how it turned out.  I have been wanting to make something special for Kathy Headlee…she is the director and creator of Mother’s Without Borders.  I am joining this amazing group June 18th and going to Zambia.  This women has a heart of gold and thought that she needed something to do with hearts…so this is what I cam up with.  Don’t you just love this fabric!  It’s from Amy Sinibaldi,  nanacompany. It’s called Paperie.


At this point I am on the hunt for a special zipper pull…any ideas??


This next group are the first Zipper Pouches I made.  I had seen so many posts on Instagram and thought I just needed to see what the excitement was all about…they are pretty basic and there are definitely mistakes, which mad me more determined to make more so that I could stop the unpicking!!

Next I saw a cute pencil pouch posted by a number of instagramers…I ordered the pattern from  Prettybyhand and had such a fun time making it!  I decided that I needed another pencil pouch but not that particular size so I made one smaller.

pencil pouch

This smaller one is going to hold my extra camera batteries, cords, and charger…I love this size!!


The next pouch I feel in love with was another one by Kristine Czepuryk.  She is the same gal who created the pencil pouch.  Here is her link again…Kristyne or Google Prettybyhand.  Look for Amy’s Pretty Pockets

Pretty by hand 2prettybyhand

I have fallen madly in love with my walking foot during the creation of these pouches!!

Last but not least…there will be MORE!!!

I love lipstick and I carry many lipsticks on me.  The bag I had bought just wasn’t big enough so I stopped using it…until now!  Look how adorable they turned out!!  I made one for me and one for Cyndy, my sister in-law and best friend.  I let her pick which one she wanted first…

IMG_0916LIpstick 1

She picked the polka dot one…

We meet up for Women’s Conference at Brigham Young University…everyone needs a good friend and the fact that we are related is just an added bonus, we also share the same birthdays.



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