Zipper pouch obsession

I am going to start backwards…I just finished this zipper pouch today.  It is my own creation and I am excited how it turned out.  I have been wanting to make something special for Kathy Headlee…she is the director and creator of Mother’s Without Borders.  I am joining this amazing group June 18th and going to Zambia.  This women has a heart of gold and thought that she needed something to do with hearts…so this is what I cam up with.  Don’t you just love this fabric!  It’s from Amy Sinibaldi,  nanacompany. It’s called Paperie.


At this point I am on the hunt for a special zipper pull…any ideas??


This next group are the first Zipper Pouches I made.  I had seen so many posts on Instagram and thought I just needed to see what the excitement was all about…they are pretty basic and there are definitely mistakes, which mad me more determined to make more so that I could stop the unpicking!!

Next I saw a cute pencil pouch posted by a number of instagramers…I ordered the pattern from  Prettybyhand and had such a fun time making it!  I decided that I needed another pencil pouch but not that particular size so I made one smaller.

pencil pouch

This smaller one is going to hold my extra camera batteries, cords, and charger…I love this size!!


The next pouch I feel in love with was another one by Kristine Czepuryk.  She is the same gal who created the pencil pouch.  Here is her link again…Kristyne or Google Prettybyhand.  Look for Amy’s Pretty Pockets

Pretty by hand 2prettybyhand

I have fallen madly in love with my walking foot during the creation of these pouches!!

Last but not least…there will be MORE!!!

I love lipstick and I carry many lipsticks on me.  The bag I had bought just wasn’t big enough so I stopped using it…until now!  Look how adorable they turned out!!  I made one for me and one for Cyndy, my sister in-law and best friend.  I let her pick which one she wanted first…

IMG_0916LIpstick 1

She picked the polka dot one…

We meet up for Women’s Conference at Brigham Young University…everyone needs a good friend and the fact that we are related is just an added bonus, we also share the same birthdays.



Whats in my sewing room

So I got a new camera this week…I have always loved taking photos and my old camera was having issues, so I saved for a new one and my sweet husband made up the difference!!  Now I am practicing my photography skills with my new Olympus OM D mark II.  I am feeling a little torn between wanting to sew and wanting to get lost in my camera, but in the end…my camera and my sewing projects go hand in hand.  These  shots are just a few things that surround me in my sewing room, I call it my “happy place”!

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220001

This Oliso Pro is a “must have”!!  I was in the market for a new iron and it seemed that every  quilting “HOW TO” tutorial,  they had this iron, so my thoughts were this…load me up with the best tools and I perhaps I will be a fabulous quilter??!!  Anyway, if you are in the market for an iron check out the Oliso…it also comes in PINK!!!  Mine was purchased on Amazon and was one of my favorite Christmas gifts.

Best Press is another must…keeps your blocks crisp without being stiff!

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220002

This is a pile of pieces waiting to be ironed and sewn together…more to come on that project!


Favorite shots_20160322_P3220003

This is my collection of books, magazines and printed block patterns! You just never know what mood you will be in and what quilt is calling your name!

All of these can be purchased on Amazon also…there are some great books and magazines, find your style and trust me…you look through it again and again.

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220006

This picture isn’t very sharp, but I love my little scissors for piecing.  I need to make a cute little block to set on my sewing machine so I don’t scratch up the arm with the tip of the scissors.

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220008


Favorite shots_20160322_P3220010


Favorite shots_20160322_P3220011

FABRIC…I love Bonnie and Camille‘s fabric lines!!!!

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220012

and a little more FABRIC!

I didn’t take photos of the fabric I have in drawers!! It’s a fabric obsession sickness…at least I am not in denial!

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220013

Wall hangings…again used Bonnie and Camille’s fabrics and their patterns!

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220014

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220015

This is a coziest leather recliner ever!! It’s for visitors, but mostly to lay out my projects so they aren’t on the floor.

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220016

My very favorite toy and prize possession…my Bernina 750QE

So this is the story behind this machine…After living in Seattle for 14 years, raising our four children and finally empty nesting, Don gets asked (strongly strongly encouraged) to move to the Bay area to “fix” those offices that are struggling.  I was not a happy camper…I would be leaving my grand babies and that was just not working for me.  This machine was, bribery…

I have loved every minute sewing with it and recommend ANY Bernina to anyone!  I am Bernina loyal!  I received my first Bernina 830 when I was 16 years old as a gift from my mom, I still own it and love it.  I should pass it down to one of my girls, but not until I see they have found the inter-sewer in them!


Favorite shots_20160322_P3220018

My scraps…there is ALWAYS ways to use scraps!

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220019

Hillary and I are doing the 52 List Week Project, its fun, interesting and insightful!


Favorite shots_20160322_P3220020

Knitting…I need my mother in-law to sit down with me before I pick this back up…I am brain dead to know what I was doing!

Favorite shots_20160322_P3220021

I love genealogy and family search

If we know where we came from, we may better know where to go.

If we know who we came from, we may better understand who we are.

I have my hands in a few projects…sewing, knitting, family search, 52 week project…those are just the ones I took pictures of!

At My Door

Fall is my favorite time of year!  I love pumpkin patches, scarecrows, and fall leaves!  I don’t decorate for Halloween, I just go fall all the way, that way I can look at my fall decor from September  thru November!!  




Time for new shirts

Andrew has been in the mission field just over a year and its time for a few new shirts…I hope he loves these, I do!!  I wanted him to know every day that he is supported, loved and thought of as he is buttoning his shirt or pressing it.


This is where I got the words to say on the shirts, The Missionary Commission by Bruce R. McConkie…


Mother’s Day Week

Its been a wonderful week leading up to Mother’s Day and then Mother’s Day weekend…its been wonderful because I have spent it with a couple of my children!! 

To start the week off right Hillary and Quentin came to visit on Thursday…we had such a fun fun time.  Spent the weekend in Monterey at the aquarium, Q seemed very uncomfortable with most if not all of the sea creatures.

From the aquarium we went to the beach…windy, cool but sunny and the kids loved it!!
Saturday we went to San Francisco to a Giants game…AWESOME seats and perfect weather!
During the week we went to a park called Happy Hallow…Q wasn’t too happy most of the time as again, there were animals that he wasn’t really interested in getting to know better!!
Friday the doorbell rang and a HUGE surprise was smiling back at me….Haylie!!  What a wonderful wonderful surprise!!!  Don and Haylie planned this weeks ago and what a nice surprise for me!!!
We drove down to Santa Cruz on Saturday…sunny, cool and windy…but beautiful for sure!!!
Sunday was Mother’s Day Which means my missionary gets to call home!  Doesn’t he look great and he sounded just as great!  I miss him so much but I am so proud of him and he is loving being in Guatemala!!  Tomorrow are transfers, his companion is going home, so changes are in his future!
Mom, mother, mommy, grandma….those are my favorite words in the whole english language!!

Rain Rain Go Away…

It is not uncommon in the great Northwest to wake up to rain, rain and more rain, however, that does not mean you can’t look cute for a lunch date!! 
 Bright colors on a gloomy day will also brighten your mood and lift your spirit.





This awesome rain coat is from Banana Republic and the rain boots are Steve Maddens.  My necklace is from Lucky You, a cute little shop in my community.

Whoever said splashing in puddles is just for kids??


January photo challenge

Time to pull out my camera….

1. Goal
2. the plate
3. Selfie
4. Up close
5. What you wore
6. Guilty pleasure
7. In my bag
8. A good habit
9. Hobby
10. Your time
11. Someone close to you
12. Enjoying life
13. R is for reading
14. Something old
15. Something new
16. Life in Seattle
17. Home cooked
18. The great outdoors
19. Feet
20. Groceries
21. Dairy
22. We go together
23. Chocolate
23. Ooo that smells
24. Perfectly posed
25. Your handwriting
26. At play
27. Favorite time of the day
28. Texture
29. I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream
30. Red
31. Love
these are just a few of the pics I used…can you guess what picture goes with what day??