Forever Friends & Family

Every one needs a best friend and when that best friend is your shopping buddy it’s an added bonus!  We vacation together and every year attend BYU Education Week…it is a wonderful experience and one that I look forward to and cherish!
What’s really unbelievable is that we are sister in-laws and we share the same birthday.  When people make comments and ask if we are sisters my response is, “sisters from different mothers”!!  (of course I always say she’s older, but clearly you can tell that is not true).  Cyndy will be in many of my post because she is one styling’ woman!!
Meet Cyndy from St. George Utah





Education Week -BYU

A favorite summer tradition









Education Week is the best shot in the arm…a spiritual feast indeed!!  This event is the best thing Cyndy and I do all year!  Our favorite teacher is Anthony Sweat for sure.  This year we took two of his classes, they were back to back, the first began at 8:30 and was all about being a teacher of the gospel…it was AWESOME!! The next class was amazing as well, it was all on the ATONEMENT…each day was on how different aspects of the atonement affect our lives each day…sooooo good!