Girls Weekend

I feel blessed and honored to be called mom

A surprise lunch date

Who wouldn’t love to have his arms around you???

Lets go listen to the prophets voice at Women’s Conference



I love to see the temple



We thank thee of God for a prophet

President Nelson’s 4 Challenges in

Women’s Session 2018

1. Participate in a 10-day fast from social media

and any other media which may produce

negative and impure thoughts. Notice and

record changes, experiences and impressions

during this time. “The effect of your 10-day

fast may surprise you.”

2. Read the Book of Mormon between now and

the end of the year and mark each verse

which refers to the Savior. Doing so will invite

blessings of increased inspiration, revelation

and miracles by bringing you closer to the


3. Attend the temple regularly and make it a

habit. Time in the temple will “teach you how

to draw upon His priesthood power with

which you have been endowed in His


4. Participate more fully in Relief Society and

study the current Relief society statement of

purpose. Doing so will help women to better

understand their purpose at this precise time

and their role in the gathering of Israel.


Hillary made this 85 day reading schedule and President Nelson’s Challenge.  I washi taped them inside these Books of Mormon and gave them to the sisters I minister to.

A month of travel…

Pebble Beach…what a beautiful place!

Visiting the Cluffs at Nauvoo IL












Such a beautiful temple!


Joseph and Hyrum leaving Nauvoo for the last time



A visit to Nauvoo…
We stayed with the Cluff’s and had the best time ever.  What a beautiful, wonderful, spirit filled place!!
It was wonderful to stay with the Cluff’s and review our friendship.  They made our visit so memorable and life changing.  The spirit that dwells in Nauvoo is unmistakable…you can almost feel those people walking down the streets with you and the temple…the temple is breath taking and again filled with truth!

My life list…aka bucket list

This will be a work in progress….


1.Italy…Been there once but definitely want to go again!!! So much to see and so many photos to take!

2.  Publish a photo I have taken


3.  Decorate my office in St. George


4.  Go on a mission with Don
5.  Learn to golf


6. Take tennis lessons and become decent


7. Attend General Conference


8.  Sew an amazing quilt  


9.  Go to Ireland and do genealogy
10.  Go whale watching again and pet a whale


11.  Be on What not to Wear…or at least go shopping like I was
12.This is a major want but not a need…non the less  I WANT IT!!

13.  Be a mission Presidents wife (with Don)
14.  Go to Europe or an African Safari with Don and all my kids
15.  Ride the Duck…Seattle
16.  Ride the ferris wheel in Seattle
18.  Go to London & Paris
19.  Breast Cancer walk
20.  Attend the Ellen Show
21. Write a book