About me in 2012

This year I am working on my photography skills, I am taking some photo class at Bellevue College with a friend.  I love that I am learning about my camera, but also love getting out there and taking weird pictures.  We are given a theme and our photos have to fit into that theme.  I love it.  Wish me luck and keep an eye to see if you can tell I’m getting better!!  My secret goal….publish a photo…I don’t know where, but somewhere.

50 is the new 30!

A new year and a new outlook on life.  
Can not even believe I am 50!!!  I don’t feel 50…I hope I don’t look 50..or at least what my minds eye thought a 50 year old would look.  
My wonderful family through me a surprise party!!  My first birthday party ever and truly I had no idea and did not even suspect!!  I can’t believe I never caught wind of it.  Hillary did the majority of the planning so Don says…she sent out “save the date” cards, invites and most of the planning.  It was just so wonderful!! 
my info
Goals for 2011
Learn Photoshop!!! Take more pictures.  Get to the temple every month!!  Read the Book of Mormon.  Send thinking about you cards to friends and family.
January 4, 1961
Springville UT
Current residence
Sammamish WA
Mom, PB worker, HM consultant
My Favorites
TV Shows
What Not to Wear, Say Yes to the Dress, The Office, Cake Boss, American Idol
I can watch these over and over…
Dear John, When in Rome, The Proposal, Pride and Prejudice, Made of Honor
Photography, Heritage Making, Reading, Shopping, hiking,
  1. Lucky
  2. Everything

A Day in the Life of….ME

Wow…where to begin??
This page has been blank for the past two or three months, I’m just not sure what exactly to say…I’m busy?  
My day begins when the alarm rings at 4:30 am.  We hit it once before we actually pull ourselves out of bed, once lunches are made I’m off to the gym.  I work out typically from 5 – 6:45…you’d think I’d be skinny huh, go figure.  I come home, spend an hour with Andrew before he heads to the bus, shower and get started on my chores or errands.  
Monday mornings I go to institute, Tuesdays we are going to start going to the temple.
Wednesday’s are late start for school, so I don’t do too much but hang around the house doing odds and ends.  Fridays we, Suzie, Melissa, Sue, Kris and I go down to the Madd Scrapper and scrapbook, have lunch and enjoy good conversation!  We try to solve all the worlds problems, but come up short, so we have to try again the next week.  
Friday night is “Date Night” for Don and I…we try not to let anything get in the way of that!  The weekends we spend most of our time together as a family running errands and many weekends going to the movies.  
Sundays we changed church time to 11:00…yeah, sleep in.  After a great dinner,  Haylie, Hillary or Andrew make a yummy treat and we watch a movie together.


I have a great life, some days are busier than others, but I love being home for my kids and I appreciate Don working so hard to make it possible for that to happen.