Time for new shirts

Andrew has been in the mission field just over a year and its time for a few new shirts…I hope he loves these, I do!!  I wanted him to know every day that he is supported, loved and thought of as he is buttoning his shirt or pressing it.


This is where I got the words to say on the shirts, The Missionary Commission by Bruce R. McConkie…


Mother’s Day Week

Its been a wonderful week leading up to Mother’s Day and then Mother’s Day weekend…its been wonderful because I have spent it with a couple of my children!! 

To start the week off right Hillary and Quentin came to visit on Thursday…we had such a fun fun time.  Spent the weekend in Monterey at the aquarium, Q seemed very uncomfortable with most if not all of the sea creatures.

From the aquarium we went to the beach…windy, cool but sunny and the kids loved it!!
Saturday we went to San Francisco to a Giants game…AWESOME seats and perfect weather!
During the week we went to a park called Happy Hallow…Q wasn’t too happy most of the time as again, there were animals that he wasn’t really interested in getting to know better!!
Friday the doorbell rang and a HUGE surprise was smiling back at me….Haylie!!  What a wonderful wonderful surprise!!!  Don and Haylie planned this weeks ago and what a nice surprise for me!!!
We drove down to Santa Cruz on Saturday…sunny, cool and windy…but beautiful for sure!!!
Sunday was Mother’s Day Which means my missionary gets to call home!  Doesn’t he look great and he sounded just as great!  I miss him so much but I am so proud of him and he is loving being in Guatemala!!  Tomorrow are transfers, his companion is going home, so changes are in his future!
Mom, mother, mommy, grandma….those are my favorite words in the whole english language!!

Cookies from Home

I have been googling the best way to keep cookies fresh when sending through the mail and also, what cookies stay fresh the longest…well, there was no good answers.  Mostly, the articles talked about how to keep them from breaking…well that wasn’t even a concern yet, which just added to my frustration.  Then it came to me, he can bake them there, I just need to send him the ingredients!!!!  So that is what I have done.  Step #1 cream the pre-measured brown sugar and white sugar with the butter and shortening (btw, I measured the vanilla and stuck it in the middle of the brown sugar).  Once creamed,  add 2 eggs (you must find your own eggs).  #3 add dry ingredients, bag 3 mix well.  Add bag #4 and then BAKE 350 degrees for 11-12 minutes.  I hope they taste like home!!!  I can’t wait to hear how they turned out!!
$87 later and tada…you have cookies!!
Just so you know, I double packaged everything just for added safety!!
Yesterday, May 11th, I got these pictures from Andrew and the final result of his cookie package….

side note…the backpack (Northface) was stolen and only the contents of the backpack were sent to Andrew.

My Missionary


Elder Corbett…doesn’t that sound AWESOME!!!! The people of Guatemala are going to love this kid!!!  I will miss him terribly, but know that the next two years will change his life for good.  I’ve been working with Hillary on a number of “projects” to send with him….I just finished these today.  Fourteen shirts, fourteen different quotes, scriptures or words of wisdom.  I am happy with the way they turned out, I hope they are a nice reminder of my love for him every P-day as he irons his shirts.





I am assuming that the bottom button of the shirt is completely tucked in…am I assuming too much??