Cookies from Home

I have been googling the best way to keep cookies fresh when sending through the mail and also, what cookies stay fresh the longest…well, there was no good answers.  Mostly, the articles talked about how to keep them from breaking…well that wasn’t even a concern yet, which just added to my frustration.  Then it came to me, he can bake them there, I just need to send him the ingredients!!!!  So that is what I have done.  Step #1 cream the pre-measured brown sugar and white sugar with the butter and shortening (btw, I measured the vanilla and stuck it in the middle of the brown sugar).  Once creamed,  add 2 eggs (you must find your own eggs).  #3 add dry ingredients, bag 3 mix well.  Add bag #4 and then BAKE 350 degrees for 11-12 minutes.  I hope they taste like home!!!  I can’t wait to hear how they turned out!!
$87 later and tada…you have cookies!!
Just so you know, I double packaged everything just for added safety!!
Yesterday, May 11th, I got these pictures from Andrew and the final result of his cookie package….

side note…the backpack (Northface) was stolen and only the contents of the backpack were sent to Andrew.


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