20 Things About Myself

Recently I have seen posts on Instagram titled…20 things about me.  I thought what a good blog prompt, so here goes…20 things about me. (not in any order of importance!)

1.  I am a gym goer…I joined my first gym when I was 35.  I had just had Andrew and wanted to get my figure back.  18 years later I have remained a faithful gym attender and now realize I go more for my mental health, than my physical health, though my physical health also is benefited.

2.  I love to quilt…I didn’t know I loved to quilt until a year ago, but I find it relaxing and rewarding. I also feel connected to my grandma Murray who was a quilter…I feel it is part of my heritage.
3.  My greatest joy and fulfillment above all else has been being a mom.  I have been blessed with the most amazing children!!  
4.  I have been married for 30 years this week to a man who has exceeded all my dreams as a young girl…again I have been blessed beyond measure!!
5.  Pet peeve …people who are late to things…do they think their time is more valuable than others??
6.  wow, this is actually hard to come up with so many things!  When I was a senior in high school I was nominated to run for Sadie Hawkins Queen.  We had to participate  in competitions…one of those was milking a goat.  I actually won that event.
7.  I am finishing up my 7th year of teaching early morning seminary…I am tired!
8.   I feel like I am trying to find myself…like what should I be doing that is meaningful?  Now that my children are grown…what do I do with myself??
9.  This year has been a year of big changes…Don and I moved to San Jose and we are empty nesters. Andrew has left to serve a mission for our church and I could not be more proud of him!!  I find myself missing my children deeply!!
10.  I have the most perfect and beautiful kitchen in this new home…I wish I liked to cook!!  I like the idea of it, but in reality…I just don’t like it.
11.  One of my “empty nesting” projects is to work on my family search!
12.  My favorite show is Downton Abbey
13.  I look at facebook just to stalk people and see what their life is all about
14.  My favorite app is Instagram…another way to stalk people, but it makes me happy
15.  dang 5 more…my next favorite show is called, “Fixer Upper”…its a show about remodeling and the husband and wife are not only talented and totally my style, but they are kind and loving to each other.
16.  My favorite “get away” place is Hawaii, sitting in a cabana reading a book and soaking in the sun
17.  I am a Mormon and always wonder what I did in the pre-earth life to be so blessed!!
18.  I want to write a book…a children’s book I think…I need a topic, that’s my problem!  Is it  a dream or am I being prompted?? 
19.  One of my quilt goals is to leave a legacy quilt for each of my children.
20.  last one…a song that I put on repeat is “Be Still My Soul” by David Archetula  

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