Part 2 of Mother’s Day week…

I asked each of the kids to write about one of their memory gems…everyone of them made me cry!! I truly do love being a mom!!

(this time I am going to start with Andrew and work my way up to get it in the right order…)

I always remember when I was younger and I had a nightmare I would always go to moms room and she would always come and sing me back to sleep. She always got right up and I never heard her complain. Whenever she would sing, I’d fall asleep immediately and I wouldn’t have any more nightmares that night. This is one of my favorite things about mom! Love you mom!! Happy Mother’s Day!
Moms not only just my mommy but she’s my best friend. Something that both of us have noticed is that I usually only get super sick when dad is out of town. That has its advantages and disadvantages but I remember countless time when I was sick and went into moms room and woke her up. When I told her I wasn’t feeling well she would tell me to crawl into bed with her and we would cuddle until I fell asleep again. 


Another memory is that when I was in high school me and mom would go shopping literally every weekend. I remember this one time when we were in Nordstrom and I was trying on some clothes and I fell in love with a shirt I was wearing. I looked at the price tag and told mom the price and we both knew I didn’t have enough money. I put the shirt on the hanger and we left. We went and grabbe lunch and mom said out of the blue that she had some cash in her wallet that dad had given her and she would let me use it to get the shirt I wanted. I knew that money was moms clothing money and I also knew she wanted to use it on something we had seen earlier. Yet she was willing to give up what she wanted to make me happy. I love you mommy!! You really are my best friend and I know that you will always be there for me! Xoxo


My favorite memory: My last day in Panama was a Monday. President had told me that I would see my parents Monday evening after we had completed the days activities. Cheng, Storey, and I had our interviews in the city at 8 am. We finished and then had free reign over where we went for the next few hours. We went down to the waterfront, then to the rich mall, then to the poor people mall. We finally decided to head over to the temple early and grabbed a taxi to get us there. We arrived at the temple. Next to the temple is a large building where the temple presidency lives and is also a guest house for those who travel long distances and need a place to rest. The building has a main entrance and then various side doors. Since it was a monday, the temple and its facilities are basically closed to everyone, except missionaries leaving the following day. We went into the building using a side door that some construction workers opened for us. We then entered the main salon of the building and I look to my left and see two gringos sitting there. I did not know who they were at first. Then upon further observation, I realized that it was mom and dad sitting there. I was completely surprised and happy to see them. I was a bit upset that the mission president lied to me. But I was so happy to see mom and dad. It was an experience that I will always remember. Love you mom!


Dolder Hillary Corbett:
Most recently mom changed her flight so she could help me when Q came early. I didn’t have to ask her and she didn’t act put out by coming. This is just one example of moms ability to know what each of us need and how she always goes out of her way to help, sometimes at her expense. She has given up time, new clothes , hair cuts and sleep to help each of us and in my 26 years I have never heard her complain. She is  my role model and best friend


I love being a mom!

To read this blog in order you must start at the bottom and work your way to the top….

memory gem of Andrew

If you will remember our Layton house had white carpet and really was “my dream house”…I loved that house and tried to protect it from the “outdoors”.  One morning Andrew had been outside playing and gathering “treasures”.  (he was around 4)  In he comes with bags of rocks, big ones, little ones, black ones, flat ones…it was quiet the array.  He was so excited about these rocks and when I told him that he was not keeping those rocks in my house, he said, “but mom, it is my house too”.
What the heck!!! What was I going to say after that??  I agreed and told him he could have ONE bag in the house.
Since then I have tried to surround myself with things that make us happy…even if they are rocks.

More memory gems tomorrow😊

Today’s memory gem is about Haylie …
I love how a child helps you see things clearly….
 When Haylie was around 4 years old, we drove up to the temple on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, at the time we were living in Las Vegas.  It was just so beautiful and peaceful.  As we rounded a corner of the temple, with Haylies hand in mine, I pointed up to the top of the temple and said, “Haylie, what is that”.  I realized I was taking a big risk that I had failed to teach her something she should know, but I asked anyway.  She looked up, paused, then a smile crossed her face as she  recognized  with amazement  and quickly replied, 
“It’s a trophy”.  

SMILE!!! My work is done! Sometimes we just complicated life too much.  

Join me tomorrow for Andrew’s memory gem

My memory gem of Donald is a two parter…first off, most of you know the story of his Halloween costume when he was in pre-school and how he was soooo excited to be a cowboy.  He had the whole outfit from the boots to the hat, however, the morning was ticking by and he could not find his holster anywhere.   He looked under beds, in closets, toy chests and behind couches…nowhere to be seen.  Thinking this was the perfect opportunity to teach a principle I gathered Hillary and Donald together and suggested we pray for help as we needed to be leaving for school soon.  After the prayer I said, “now listen closely because the Holy Ghost will tell you where to go look”.  After we said Amen, we all went searching.  After a short time, Donald came to me and said, “mom, I don’t hear anything”…Ahhhh is that the cutest thing ever!! I thought so anyway.   I encouraged him to keep trying and felt sure someone would be told where to find his holster.  Needless to say, it was found a couple of minutes later and he looked like the cowboy he wanted to be.
the next part of the story is this….a few months later I had a cousin killed in a car accident in Utah.  We drove to the funeral from Sacramento to support the family.  At the viewing, my cousins cowboy boots were by his casket.  I didn’t think much of it, but did notice them.  At the end of the funeral and luncheon we started on our journey back home.  Donald was looking out the window, being unusually quiet.  I asked him if anything was wrong…he said, “I don’t want to be a cowboy anymore”.  Surprised by this because it was his favorite thing to do at the time, I asked him why.  He said, “because cowboys die, and I don’t want to die”. Apparently he noticed the cowboy boots also.
I knew then he was a deep thinker and had tender feelings.

My memory gem of Haylie is tomorrow….


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For the week of Mother’s Day I decided I wanted the kids to know some of my favorite memories of being their mom…here’s is what I posted each day…

Monday Hillary…
Since this is Mothers Day week I want to just share with you,each day, a little gem that has made being a mom so rewarding and has lifted my spirits and or made me smile….
When Hillary was around four or five she woke up and said, “I had the best dream last night”! Oh, I said tell me about it.  She said, I dreamed that Jesus came to our house and he put his hands on my head and gave me a blessing”. 

I knew from that moment on that Hillary would be spiritually in tune and guided by the spirit…don’t you all agree that it’s true!!

Donald’s story will come tomorrow…