Rain Rain Go Away…

It is not uncommon in the great Northwest to wake up to rain, rain and more rain, however, that does not mean you can’t look cute for a lunch date!! 
 Bright colors on a gloomy day will also brighten your mood and lift your spirit.





This awesome rain coat is from Banana Republic and the rain boots are Steve Maddens.  My necklace is from Lucky You, a cute little shop in my community.

Whoever said splashing in puddles is just for kids??


January photo challenge

Time to pull out my camera….

1. Goal
2. the plate
3. Selfie
4. Up close
5. What you wore
6. Guilty pleasure
7. In my bag
8. A good habit
9. Hobby
10. Your time
11. Someone close to you
12. Enjoying life
13. R is for reading
14. Something old
15. Something new
16. Life in Seattle
17. Home cooked
18. The great outdoors
19. Feet
20. Groceries
21. Dairy
22. We go together
23. Chocolate
23. Ooo that smells
24. Perfectly posed
25. Your handwriting
26. At play
27. Favorite time of the day
28. Texture
29. I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream
30. Red
31. Love
these are just a few of the pics I used…can you guess what picture goes with what day??

More from my Fall list…

More fall to love!!!

Don’t these pictures just say warm, cozy, welcome, crisp, crunchy, brilliant, bright, vibrant, changing, harvest, colorful, fresh, brisk,  spectacular, hibernate…


What about that pumpkin!!! it’s HUGE!! Why isn’t it orange??


Pumpkin Patch…more off my list!!


Aren’t pumpkins just awesome, I love looking at them, they are like snowflakes…no two are alike.



Sunflowers are another favorite…my bucket list would include standing in the middle of a huge field of sunflowers…they just say “Happy” to me!
All right…this is the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen!!  I love having a little one to take to the pumpkin patch…I haven’t been for about 3 years now cause all the kids are “too big”…what, no one is ever too big!  Every fall I tell Don, “I want to go to the pumpkin patch”, but we just never got around to it, but no more!! Thank you Quentin for humoring grandma!!


A month of travel…

Pebble Beach…what a beautiful place!

Visiting the Cluffs at Nauvoo IL












Such a beautiful temple!


Joseph and Hyrum leaving Nauvoo for the last time



A visit to Nauvoo…
We stayed with the Cluff’s and had the best time ever.  What a beautiful, wonderful, spirit filled place!!
It was wonderful to stay with the Cluff’s and review our friendship.  They made our visit so memorable and life changing.  The spirit that dwells in Nauvoo is unmistakable…you can almost feel those people walking down the streets with you and the temple…the temple is breath taking and again filled with truth!