January photo challenge

Time to pull out my camera….

1. Goal
2. the plate
3. Selfie
4. Up close
5. What you wore
6. Guilty pleasure
7. In my bag
8. A good habit
9. Hobby
10. Your time
11. Someone close to you
12. Enjoying life
13. R is for reading
14. Something old
15. Something new
16. Life in Seattle
17. Home cooked
18. The great outdoors
19. Feet
20. Groceries
21. Dairy
22. We go together
23. Chocolate
23. Ooo that smells
24. Perfectly posed
25. Your handwriting
26. At play
27. Favorite time of the day
28. Texture
29. I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream
30. Red
31. Love
these are just a few of the pics I used…can you guess what picture goes with what day??


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