Baby girl is on her way…quilt is ready

Quilty Hearts for our baby girl…name is still a secret for a few more hours but mommy is at the hospital…so soon we will know!!


Pattern baby Quilty Love called Quilty Hearts by @emily_dennis_

I just found scraps in my stash and added a couple others to blend.  Isn’t it darling!  I will show you more when baby girl is bundled in this love of hearts.


The rest of the story…

I am not sure I can tie this all together the way I feel like it should be, but here goes.  Number one…this was an easy peesy pattern right!  That’s one of the reasons I chose it, however, for some reason I could not get it right.  I unpicked these squares at least 3 times each.  I kept wondering to myself, “what is wrong with you that you can’t get these hearts in the right direction and lined up correctly”.  Of course that conversation was happening as I was UNPICKING!  Well as it turned out, I think that 2, maybe 3 of the hearts still ended up being turned the wrong direction, whatever, I am over this right!!  Did I mention, this pattern choice was not my first.  I had a completely different pattern picked out and fabric bought, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  That’s how I ended up with the heart quilt also.

Well little Olivia was born and a couple of hours later Donald and Emma found themselves in unfamiliar territory, as she was being life flighted to Cooks Children’s Hospital as they discovered 2 heart issues that were going to require emergency heart surgery.

Can you see the correlation to this quilt and the life issues in front of us?  My mind and heart were trying to understand and comprehend that the Lord had everything to do with what I thought was a simple baby quilt.  Olivia’s two heart issues and the two heart mishaps on the quilt.  Is that a coincidence?  First of all, I don’t believe in coincidences.  I believe 100% that God is in the details of our lives and His hand and influence is every present.

Olivia’s heart issues were repaired and she is doing great.  She has health issues that will be with her her whole life, but they are manageable.  She has Turners Syndrome, so as she grows, doctors will always be a part of her life.

We feel blessed everyday for modern medicine, talented doctors and nurses and the knowledge that God knows us and is involved in our lives.  So grateful for the knowledge.

Here are some sweet pictures of our miss Olivia…





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