Stroller Quilt

Christmas is over and put away, finished quilts have been gifted and now its a new year and new quilts await!!  I decided my first quilt for the year would be simple and easy.  Whats more simple than this…a stroller quilt.  I love this fabric from the Sweetwater Feed Company and think it is perfect for any little boy needing to snuggle.  I don’t have anyone in mind, but Donald and Emma are expecting!  Personal feeling is that they are having another little girl, but that’s just me!  I think I might make up a few of this size quilt for little gifts.  I love that they make up so quick and just look so adorable!!
Once all the pieces are cut, sewn and pressed…start laying them out.  Decide how you want it to look and start sewing them all together.  I did this in two days, just love it!



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