Today I am one thankful turkey

First off, I would like to think that I am very consciences, or I try to be ultra sensitive to the blessings that are mine and give thanks daily to my Heavenly Father  who literally opens the windows of heaven and pours me out blessings so great that I have room not to receive them!!  

My list is lengthy…
My hubby, he is so awesome and everything plus more than I ever wanted in a husband
My children…they are my purpose for being
The gospel of Jesus Christ which gives me direction and purpose and reason for being AND insight to who I can become
My beautiful homes
the spirit that fills these homes
ability to workout and love it
wonderful, supportive friends
lunch dates with those peeps
being a grandma!!
rainy days and cozy blankets
good books…love stories are best
warm bed
cell phones
text messages
my job at potterybarn
movie days
Seminary, education week and study hours
trips to experience new things, new sights, new smells, new sounds
Material things…my camera, shoes, clothes, jackets, shopping, lipstick, rain boots, gym clothes, make up, 
everything about fall actually
quiet days by myself
crazy loud days with the family
sleeping through the night
ability to hear the spirit whisper
knowing I can go to the doctor with what ails me
a generator when the power goes out:0
the sound of wind and rain tapping on the windows
temple which makes us a forever family!!
   The list could literally go on and on…


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