Summer Study

I am trying desperately to finish the Book of Mormon before August 15th!  I read at the gym while I am on the stair climber, sometimes I hit the audio button and listen while I walk on the treadmil and then I read more before I close my eyes at the end of the day.  I feel like I have to finish it before I can start studying any lesson material…I know there is no rhyme or reason, but its just what I want to do.  Today I am in Helaman 14…that’s more than half way right??

The greatest app…aids me greatly in finishing the Book of Mormon

I have been reading the most amazing book too…Please Pass the Scriptures…its just AMAZING!!  My focus, I have decided this year, is to learn how to “liken the scriptures” unto my life and that of my students.  This book has really opened the door for me to learn how to do this.

I love my calling as seminary teacher, I love love love having to study.  I am super excited to finish my last year teaching the Book of Mormon!  I literally feel the power in this book and I know beyond any doubt that this book is the word of God, that it was written for our day.  The spirit bears this witness to me every day I read!  My hope is that each of my students will feel this by the end of the seminary year too!



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