Mother’s Day…the best job I’ve ever had!!



Getting to know me…I might even surprise myself
1-  What is mom’s favorite restaurant?
   Chevy’s (really anything with good mexican)
2-  What is a movie that mom could watch over and over?
     any love story!!
3-  What was mom’s favorite toy as a child?
     baby dolls
4-  What is something that always grosses mom out?
5-  What is mom’s favorite physical item in this house?
     temple picture
6-  If mom were to write a book, what would it be about?
     The joy of motherhood
7-  What is a phrase that mom says a lot?
     Look for the good in every day
8-  What is mom’s favorite treat?
     ice cream…chocolate
9-  When mom was a child, what did she want to grow up to be?
     a nurse
10- Where were mom and dad when they first met?
     on a mission, Anderson South Carolina
11-  Where did dad take mom on their first date?
     To Sundance theatre
12- How did dad propose to mom?
     Took me to a fancy French restaurant and had the ring brought out in one of the courses
13- What are 3 qualities mom wants in our future spouses?
     Loves the Savior/gospel, Loves you and has integrity 
14-  What is something mom appreciates us doing?
     rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher
15-  What is a food that mom is really good at making?
     cinnamon rolls, pound cake and lasagna
16-  What is something mom has taught us really well?
17-  What does mom like to do for fun?
18- Where was mom and dad’s very first home?
     Provo…Wymount Terrace
19-  What quality do you most admire in mom? 
20- What is one word that describes mom?
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