My life list…aka bucket list

This will be a work in progress….


1.Italy…Been there once but definitely want to go again!!! So much to see and so many photos to take!

2.  Publish a photo I have taken


3.  Decorate my office in St. George


4.  Go on a mission with Don
5.  Learn to golf


6. Take tennis lessons and become decent


7. Attend General Conference


8.  Sew an amazing quilt  


9.  Go to Ireland and do genealogy
10.  Go whale watching again and pet a whale


11.  Be on What not to Wear…or at least go shopping like I was
12.This is a major want but not a need…non the less  I WANT IT!!

13.  Be a mission Presidents wife (with Don)
14.  Go to Europe or an African Safari with Don and all my kids
15.  Ride the Duck…Seattle
16.  Ride the ferris wheel in Seattle
18.  Go to London & Paris
19.  Breast Cancer walk
20.  Attend the Ellen Show
21. Write a book





2 thoughts on “My life list…aka bucket list

  1. You should put a check mark next to the ones you have already done. Like Tennis Lessons, you have already taken those. Also have gone whale watching in Victoria many times.


    1. Great idea!!! I need to sit down with you when you come over and fine tune this thing!


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