What Not To Wear

I really don’t want to hurt any feelings, but I have to just put this out there…ladies we are 50+,,, there are rules and guidelines for us…embrace them we are awesome!!  We are about being chic, classic and stylish.  These jeans are not associated with any one of those words.
Jeans with WHITE thick stitching…

Pockets with soooo much detail….

wow, look at all those holes….OVER KILL

Jeans with BLING…

If your closet contains any one of these jeans, consider your age and the image you are trying to make for yourself.  Ask yourself, “Does this outfit reflect the self assured, confident, classy woman I have become”. 

My favorite Dr. Suess poem…

Today you are you
that is truer than true
Shout aloud I am glad
to be what I am
Thank goodness I’m not
a ham or a clam
or a dusty old jar
of gooseberry jam
I am what I am
What a great thing to be
If I say so myself,
happy every day to me.

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