The Olive Jacket

Who doesn’t love a great jacket…sometimes I think I have too many, is that possible??

 I love a jacket with boyfriend jeans.  Olive jackets are in almost every store…this one is from JCrew, but they can be found at Old Navy, The Gap, Forever 21 and seriously probably at your favorite store!!  They come in a variety of shades, fabrics and styles.

Try on a few, what is the look you want?    I actually picked this one because I wanted one that was not quite so casual.  The fabric is a little heavier and the shade and sheen darker.  This jacket can be worn with boyfriends, skinnies, leggings…the sky is the limit.

Jacket: JCrew
Tee: The Gap
Boyfriend jeans:  The Loft (they are sized to fit your waist)
Shoes: Nordstrom Steve Maddens

Necklace: Lucky You…a gift from Melissa a dear friend, she did good right!!

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